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Does Nausea Serve a Purpose?

I experienced a lot of nausea during my first trimester. And by a lot, I mean it was not just morning sickness. It was present 24-hrs a day, for most of my pregnancy, although it did get a little bit better right at the onset of my second trimester, which tends to happen presumably because the hCGH drops and the placenta’s progesterone kicks in. Being nauseas like this kind of made me envy my friends who would throw up violently every morning but then be done with it for the day. But I’m sure those who experienced that would beg to differ. In any case, nausea sucks. I also think it’s worse for people who are forced to work more than their body can handle. I was fortunate in that I typically could take it easy when I needed to. I had a great boss: me!.

In any case, it still sucked to feel nauseas so I had been working with my naturopath and we were attempting to use high-dose, IV Vitamin B (B6 I believe). Ginger, saltine crackers, eating little bits frequently, acupuncture, and anything else that I tried was not working. 

I had even tried oral Vitamin Bs but they also didn’t seem to be helping. Today, Amelia thought maybe we could try IV Vitamin B. I was keen to try this out at first because I had had supplements given through IVs several times before for other issues. My body, on the other hand, was not keen. Amelia tried several times to get in the IV and my body literally rejected it. Now, you have to imagine that my veins are great veins! Seriously, every nurse/blood technician that I can remember has commented on how great my veins are. I have come to trust that no one will have a problem with me and IVs.  I even watch them put them in because it’s so easy and pain free. But today it was not. My veins would not allow anything to be stuck up them. After several forced attempts they got in there… but then the immediate burner made me need to get that IV out asap. It was horrible!

In hindsight, this was not only unprecedented, it was very shocking. And the only thing I can think of to explain this random was that my body was rejecting the treatment, quite literally.

As someone who likes to find the “why” of things, I thought about this and came to the conclusion that my nausea was serving some purpose. Indeed, some people believe that we are nauseous to keep us from eating toxic foods. I think nausea can also serve remind us (often) that we are pregnant and that our body is growing a human. I know I needed that reminder. I needed to know to act differently so that I could better nurture this little being. And so I did. I think my nausea was a blessing. And my body and mama brain knew it.


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