I use this nut butter sauce for a few things. Mostly often, it's to drizzle over a bowl of steamed rice and veggies. It goes really well with veggies like broccoli, sweet potato, kale, parsnips... You can also add an additional protein if you think you want more than what the nut sauce offers. 

I also use this as a dipper sauce for homemade chicken nuggets or just a general dip for baby fingers!

Nut Butter Sauce... for rice bowls or whatever you want.

I love peanut sauce. You know that kind that you get with Thai food? Mmmm.... The first time I started making it, I followed a recipe that made me boil vegetable or chicken broth then slowly stir in the peanut butter, soya sauce, crushed chilli peppers, garlic (which I avoided because I have a sensitivity to garlic), and a few other ingredients I can't remember. I rarely did it because even THAT felt too complicated. After having a baby and struggling with finding time to make/go out for tasty food, I felt like I needed to spice up our rice & veggie bowls beyond the olive or flax seed oils that we typically did. So one night I whipped up a quick version of the peanut sauce that I knew and I have been using it and nut variations ever since about weekly. Here it is:

  • A few heaping table spoons of your choice of a nut butter (peanut, almond, almond-cashew). 
  • soya sauce... maybe a table spoon to start then you can add more to taste
  • half a lemon or lime, squeezed for its juice. use more if you really like these flavours. if you're super keen, throw in some zest!
  • some oil (maybe about a table spoon). use whichever you want. i typically use avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil. 
  • water or coconut milk, depending on if you want the added coconut flavour. It totally doesn't need coconut milk, but it will alter the flavour in that direction if you want to add it. just start with a bit of the liquid then determine how thick you want it. i usually go for something about the consistency of homogenized milk. 



I sometimes swap in tahini (sesame seed butter) for the nut butter to provide a more bitter (and less creamy) alternative!