Mama Brain Lab

Science seeks to know, by definition. In pursuit of that ultimate knowing, it's a pretty good tool. But it's not the only tool for knowing. The mama brain is an excellent tool too. Mamas know they know, intuitively and instinctively. Mama brains know how to juggle many pieces of knowledge at and then finally allow an answer to emerge as a feeling. This holistic ability may be the result of the tendency for female brains to be more "balanced" between the two hemispheres whereas male brains tend to be more "one-sided".  Maybe...

Unfortunately, describing what our mama brain feels it knows to brains that don't think like ours can be challenging. At times we can be made to feel like we are too sensitive, overreacting, ridiculous, hormonal, sleep deprived and a whole host of things that imply our brains are not working right. Sure, sometimes they aren't, just like any other brain. But I think there are many times we are on to something, but other brains just don't get it. 

This lab is not a traditional science lab. It's meant to engage the power of numbers, through collecting experiences and then sifting through the data to identity commonalities. It's crowdsourcing in a way that is unprecedented. And I'm doing it all because I have a hunch that we can find some interesting things this way... over time. So please, share (anonymously or not) your intuitions, stories, suspicions, gut feelings and all things related. There is a space for general reflection if you follow the "share your experience' button. There is also space to share your experiences on specific topics that I have a hunch about.


The effects of Caesarean births

I have my thoughts on some of the behaviours that I think are related to C-section births. Everything from sleeping behaviour to fear to pain in my uterus. What do you think?


The benefits of consuming the placenta

Many women either do eat, or considering eating, their placenta in some form, whether it's through encapsulated pill form or raw or in a smoothly. I ate mine. Did you eat yours? Why or why not? And do you think it had any effect on you?

Some babies need to be VERY tired in order to sleep.

We followed a lot of the sleep recommendations for a good year before we abandoned one in particularly: don't let your baby get overtired. We needed our baby to get very tired in order for him to sleep because otherwise he resisted with severe intensity. When we learned this, napping got a whole lot better! This was definitely a hallmark of turning 1!