Book Reviews & Recommendations

This book is definitely not a book that I read front to back. I dipped in here and there. I came across it one day when searching for support for co-sleeping. I bought it as a reminder that there are different practices than the ones currently dominant in our culture. It's not a parenting advice book. If anything, it's about helping us develop confidence in our own philosophy. 

Baby Sign Language Basics

I loved loved loved teaching Ashar sign language. And this was one of the books I used to do it. As a toddler, he still likes to take it out and flip through it with me. We learn new signs all the time.

I actually haven't read this book. I bought the other one above first. But I have heard this is a good one. And in hindsight, this is the one I probably should have bought. 

I loved learned about the Reggio approach to education. For me, it feels even better than Montessori, in that there is a huge emphasis on collaboration, process, and documentation. It's creative and individual and expansive.