Chicken, tofu, ribs... not great for pulled pork because the pulled pork needs to bathe in vinegar. So I use a real recipe for that... which I often google at the time.

BBQ Sauce - the quickest sauce alive!

Out of necessity comes invention... and one day I needed something to spice up my chicken. I had tomato paste, soya sauce, mustard, and maple syrup and threw them all together. Tasted good! Here's the recipe:

  • Mostly tomato paste (or ketchup)
  • Some soya sauce, less than the tomato part.
  • Some mustard, less than the other two above, about 1 quarter of the amount I use of the tomato stuff.
  • Some maple syrup, to taste. 


To taste:

I usually let me 2 year old taste it now. He's a good indication of whether it's good or not. You just want to make sure it's not too soya saucey... if it is, then I add more tomato stuff. And then if it needs more sweetness to cut the tomato taste I add more maple syrup. I rarely add any more mustard. It's kind of a background taste. You may need a bit of vinegar if you are using tomato paste instead of ketchup, but you'll be able to tell I think.