Thoughts, Reflections, Experiences,

Opinions, & Neuroscience

by Dr. Mandy Wintink, PhD

The world does NOT need another mommy blog... True.

But this one is actually for me. It's cathartic. It's my space. It's uninhibited.  

Mama brain is a place where I share my thoughts, reflections, experiences, opinions, and neuroscience related to motherhood and parenting. I could keep this to myself but I do have a grander vision and hope. I know that by me sharing some of you will relate. Some will connect. Some of you will find your own voice. Some of you will be affirmed while others will be offended. Some of you will be provoked into thinking and reflecting on your own experiences. Some of you will find a deeper sense of confidence in our disagreement. 

My goal is to inspire thoughts, reflections, writing, opinions, decisions, questions, conversations, and more about all experiences as a mama. Ultimately, I want people (you and myself) to look inside to find a confidence in who we are as mamas. I want us to own our decisions and feel empowered to defend our actions and beliefs, even if it's just a defence against our own questioning. Because the truth is, it's a tough world out there in parenting, particularly as a mama. The decisions in parenting are many and they are tougher when we aren't confident about them. We feel the judgment from others 10 fold when we are not sure confident our choices. 

The content here is informed by my experiences but it is through the lens of my background in neuroscience, psychology, holistic health, mindfulness, Buddhism, and Yoga. 

Warning: I'm opinionated and at times it will sound like I'm judging you. I'm sorry. But yes, I am judging. I am judging a lot of parenting practices and the society from which they emerge.  As a psychologist, I have been trained to form opinions on human and general animal behaviour. Parenting is a deep dish to sink one's teeth into. But by judging society I'm not judging the individual, actually. We will all do things that we regret as parents and we will all feel like a choice we made at some point was wrong. We are our harshest judges. I do believe that the hurtful judgment we feel from others is more of a reflection of our own insecurity than a reflection of the opinions of the person we think is judging us.

Maybe, together, we can get through this as a community of like- and differently-minded mama brains, with all our glorious imperfections.




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